What are they saying?

"The workshops were awesome, both for me personally and professionally. I think the Growth Mindset and brain function information was especially useful as a teacher and for working with students. Personally I have already used some of the strategies and information in my relationships with my teenage children, as well as helping me keep positive through a bug change for our family. I thought the flow of the workshops was great with information loading, but then breakout for activities and reflection. Awesome, useful workshop."

Tessa, Onewhero Area School


"I had the chance to attend the growth mindset and academic support workshops, both of which were very interesting. The idea of maintaining and influencing a growth mindset is something I have been employing in my personal life to be more outgoing. I loved the discussions during the academic support workshops and have been applying the advice I received to improve how I deliver academic support to students. Thanks Paul."

Anonymous, AUT Navigator

"It was very moving to feel the whole group moving towards recognizing a 'positive' way (of) being and away from the entrenched position of assessing 'gaps' rather than strengths. I was able to review and put to rest some old [thinking]."

Debbie, Onewhero Area School

Thanks Paul - this enhances my approach and ways of being in terms of gratitude, restorative practice, inquiry as stance and willingness to grow.

Shontelle, Ormiston Junior College

"Really good practical tools that we can apply to our classes. Helps with connecting with students who are distant, helps us, as teachers to understand who our students are. Very good tools to use."

Anonymous, Onewhero Area School

"A great presenter! He was very warm and approachable. His presentation was packed with loads of relevant and timely information for people in general, not just teaching staff. He was knowledgable and I thought handled conversations and questions really well."

Grant O'Connor, Kaurilands Primary School

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