ABOUT Clifftop Wellbeing


To create self-sustaining systems of wellbeing in people and institutions.


Hi! I'm Paul...

Masters in Applied Positive Psychology (MAPP), BA (Social Science)/ BBus (Management), Grad Dip Teaching, PG Cert, Arts (Human Services), Dip Pos Psych & Wellbeing.

I'm passionate about helping people to grow wellbeing, in individuals, groups and organisations.


Nuanced perspective is needed in this space! While I have a masters in positive psychology (University of Melbourne), there is a lot that social science, developmental psychology, clinical psychology and neuroscience can offer us in terms of figuring out how to thrive or flourish in the beautiful mess of life.

Hence - my attitude is that wellbeing is best addressed by using many models and theories, especially those that are most pertinent to your context. ​In my work I reference PERMA, Te whare tapa whā, Psychological Wellbeing, Self Determination Theory and other fantastic ways to understand human functioning. 

In my home most important roles, I am married to a talented educational leader and am papa to two beautiful boys, aged 4 & 5. 

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